About Me

I started my own personal health journey over a decade ago when someone I love, my daughter, became persistently sick. After months of struggling to find something that would help, I decided to take matters into my own hands. What I learned was that with the right diet along side with the right mental health exercises, and of course having fun, will dramatically transform anyone's health, including my daughter's. Now I serve many types of people to transform their energy through body wisdom and spiritual awareness. If you are looking for a health transformation for yourself or for your loved ones, then you came to the right place.

School District Approved

Over the past six years, my program has spread district-wide and I now work with 2,500 children every year as well as teaching mindfulness and stress-reduction lessons for educators and businesses! In 2016, I received my Holistic Health Coaching Certification from Health Coach Institute. In 2017, I began to coach both individual and group sessions. 

The Vision

A world where adults, teens and kids listen to their inner authentic wisdom and body to achieve ultimate health and wellness through simple mindfulness and spiritual tools

The Solution To Health

Children, retirees, working men and women, I’ve worked with people from all stages of life! I firmly believe that it is never too early or too late to work on transforming your health—if you’re ready to make positive changes in your health, let me be part of your solution!

The Mission

Through teaching simple mindfulness and spiritual tools in elementary schools through high school and colleges, to parents at home and corporate leaders and staff we get to raise people’s level of awareness into their identity as love. As a result, we will have a better society, stronger marriages, thriving and productive businesses, as well as a generation of happy children, teens, and adults.

The Foundations of Health

Here is a sneak peak into what you will learn in this FREE download.

 Understanding Mindfulness

By integrating mindfulness into how you approach life, new ways of being emerge that were not previously possible. The more present we are, the more we become aware of what drains our energy and how to conserve it. Mindfulness allows you to step back from your own judgments and see situations in a new way.

Taking care of yourself is the best way  to take care of the people you love

As a society, we have been led to believe that taking care of ourselves is selfish. For many, this belief has led to much DIS-EASE; physically, emotionally and mentally. Helping others is important and still very much needed, but it is critical to FIRST put on our own “oxygen mask”. 

We are energy and
so is everything around us

This may be second nature for some of you while for others, this concept may be new. When I learned the Universal Law of Energy, it profoundly changed my understanding of health, who we are, and how we interact with the world.

You have a natural state of balance
in your body, a natural energy flow

By tapping into this energy flow you will feel more balanced & grounded, energized & motivated, relaxed & rejuvenated.

Mindfulness Exercises to
Create a Natural State of Balance

We will focus on Mental, Emotional and Physical Well-Being in this foundational part. 

 Know how to love your gut

In the last 10 years modern science has discovered that the health of the gut is vital to both overall health and to brain health. It seems now that almost all disease stems from the lack of a healthy gut. Everyone needs to properly care for their gut. Our gut is affected greatly by stress, our environment, by what we think and feel. By nourishing your gut and using your energy wisely you are taking steps to support a healthy thriving gut. 

The Glendora Education Foundation has supported Christy Jones’ Healthy Living program for kindergarten through fifth grade in the Glendora Unified School District for six years now. Christy’s passion for teaching children about their whole-body health is inspiring. As a parent of students who have gone through her classes; I have seen her teaching style make an impact on my children. In today’s busy learning environment, Christy gets her message through by engaging the students and having them actively participate, which leads to subject retention, they remember what she has shared with them! Her proactive approach to  mindfulness is a fundamental change that is necessary in this day in age when students, teachers, and parents are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed much of the time. We at GEF fully support Christy’s initiatives and methods for the students of GUSD.

- Elizabeth Reuter,
Co-President Glendora Education Foundation

Christy Jones is an experienced healthcare advocate who has helped hundreds of students understand the importance of good nutrition and mental health. Addition she helps fathers and mothers an adult understands importance of good mental health and how to relax in today society.

- Dr. Anthony Ratkovic               

I am a licensed clinical social worker who works as a therapist and clinical supervisor in multiple settings. Christy Jones has given me not just mindfulness tools for my personal life (which have been transformational) but also for my professional life. In counseling sessions with clients, I have been utilizing Christy Jones’ mindfulness strategies and have seen how they truly benefits my clients. In addition, I provide clinical supervision to social workers & therapists who work with children and youth and have been teaching these  professionals the mindfulness tools Christy Jones has given me. They are enthusiastic and excited about learning these tools and have begun implementing them with their clients (as well as in their personal lives). Truly, everyone can benefit from Christy Jones’ mindfulness strategies and tools!

- Ashlyn Cherry, LCSW             

Christy has brought to our district a keen awareness of the importance of both physical and social-emotional wellness for teachers and students. As we have continued to see a decline in feelings of contentedness and a rise in emotional dysregulation among our students, this information is proving to be vital. Christy has conducted mindfulness workshops for teachers intended to assist them with stress management and personal well-being, and she has extended these workshops with classroom practices that create positive learning environments to promote calm and focused students. We are also using her to work directly with students to teach them these concepts, increase resilience, and decrease anxiety. Christy is an absolute wealth of knowledge, and she continues to expand her tool kits with the most current and up-to-date research on a range of topics including nutrition, brain research, brain-body connection, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, among others. Christy is energetic and passionate about creating schools where teachers and students can thrive, and her joy is absolutely contagious!

- Dr. Rebecca Summers,
Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Glendora School District

More About Me ...

Christy Jones loves to laugh and have fun while working. She adores seeing people feel comfortable and being themselves. She loves understanding people’s needs so she asks a lot of questions. She has found that is it through asking the right questions is that the root cause of what something is experiencing will appear. 

As an experienced Certified Wholistic Health and Mindfulness Coach she runs a fun and unique private practice working individually with adults, teens and families teaching them how to listen to their internal body wisdom create a healthy mind and body with simple mindfulness and spiritual tools. She loves seeing people’s lives change with these tools. She also provides essential mindfulness and spiritual training in schools for teachers, administers and students to raise their awareness into their identity as love. When adults and children accept this simple truth that they are love, whole and complete negative behaviors drastically diminish. She believes the key to health is understanding how your body, mind and soul work together to create optimal mental, emotional and physical health.

She loving working with adults, teens and children. Clients tell her they just can’t believe how much better they feel after working with her and that no one told them these simple mindfulness and spiritual tools before. Many of her clients initially came to her because of struggling with digestive issues, high stress, anxiety, depression exacerbated by experiencing demanding work and home environments. She is passionate about teaching people to build a healthy gut since all health is dependent on the health of the gut.

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